Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system which determines guidelines on spati…

What are the Basic Principles of Feng Shui

Feng shui philosophy is an application that looks at our constructed environments and how to stay in harmony with the principles of the herbal world. Feng means “wind” and shui interprets to “water” in Chinese. This comes from an antique poem and connects to the surroundings around us and reflects how ideal human life can be if we stay.

In Asian cultures, this is referred to as Tao, which means “way“. Tao is the manner of nature. Therefore, the simple principles of feng shui come from nature observations. The most important ideas are command position, bagua and five elements.

We’ll start with the commanding position because it’s the easiest to implement and understand. The commanding position governs the best way to locate yourself and furniture in your spaces for feng shui. It’s most important to apply to the bed, desk, and stove. The bed represents you, the desk is your career, and the stove is your wealth and how you nourish yourself in the world.

The basics of the commanding position is that you want to be facing the door without being directly in line with the door. It is most important to be in the commanding position while lying in bed, sitting at your desk, or cooking at the stove. Usually this position is diagonal from the door. Again, you don’t want to be directly in line with the door, however you want to be able to see the door.

The bagua is the feng shui energy map that is superimposed on the floor plan of your home. Bagua translates to “eight areas” in Chinese, therefore it consists of eight areas around a center. The areas each relate to different life circumstances, and the center represents overall health and wellness.

An easy way to work with the bagua is to identify one to three areas that need the most attention in your life. Then you can use the shape or color of that gua in the corresponding position of your home to activate and work with the energy. We don’t recommend you try to work with all nine areas, or even more than three.


Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system which determines guidelines on spatial plan and orientation in relation to energy flow. It has actually been utilized for centuries by both the Chinese and non-Chinese people to bring in all the best and repel misfortune through the arrangement of their houses.


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